Check back here for our 2019 mighty girls events or contact us to host your own!

We haven’t forgotten about the next generation of strong women!!

Mighty Girls Camp was established in 2013 and runs as a division of SHE Getaways. Mighty Girls Camp is based on the same fundamental value: The stronger our relationship is with ourselves, the weaker the effects of the pressures and stresses of life will be on us.

We use the magic of camp, along with fitness, wellness, mindfulness and creativity to help foster this relationship at our Mighty Girls events. Girls learn to dream big, and that strong is beautiful!!!

She decided to love herself, and it lit up the world.

SHE Getaways is the largest Women’s Fitness Getaway Series in Canada. Passionately creating the perfect space for you to sweat, sip and be inspired since 2009! Workouts. Wine. Wanderlust.